Construction Labor Management: Portable Time And Attendance Systems

Tracking labor costs is critical for any business, and a construction site is no different. Time and attendance systems typically need electricity.  A construction site needs a portable solution that is accurate and which can reduce labor cost by maintaining accurate information.  Something as insignificant as misreporting by 10 minutes each day will add up over time to a week of lost productivity per year.  Not to mention higher labor costs!

Automated time and attendance tracking can be implemented with a portable solution on the job site. These systems have greater accuracy and can save time by compiling the detailed information that is needed for accurate payroll.  Mistakes happen, and employees sometimes make mistakes when filing in timesheets. This is especially a symptom when tasked with trying to remember when they went to lunch a week ago, or how long they were on site.  Efficiencies in payroll processing and greater accuracy can be the result of using a portable time and attendance system. Inefficiency due to inability to deciphering handwriting and errors resulting from manually typing in data can be eliminated or reduced.  Concise, and accurate executive summaries of hours worked by work location, employee and cost code result in better information for decision making as well as better human resource management.

Most portable time and attendance systems can be uploaded to a real time server. The result is that the IT team can integrate the portables with the in-house team to create consistent reporting.  By having the information on a timely basis, cost controls can be implemented in real time.  F and E TimeSystems has portable solutions that translate to many industries in addition to construction, including:

  • Time and attendance systems for contractors
  • Cleaning companies requiring time and attendance for offsite workers
  • Portable attendance units for landscaping companies
  • Snow removal teams time accounting
  • Janitorial services time and attendance and check-in
  • Catering services and labor management
  • Pest control services and human resources attendance systems
  • Time and attendance for parking companies
  • Attendance for transportation companies
  • School bus companies and human resource attendance
  • Events organizations with multiple employee check-in times

Is Your Time & Attendance System Costing You Too Much?

You may have a time and attendance system that has been working for your company for years. The time has come to evaluate whether a new system will provide the types of advantages that will streamline your Human Resources Payroll processes and will result in more effective time and attendance management for your company.

Especially in this economic time of finding greater efficiencies, an updated time and attendance system could potentially save your company thousands of dollars.
Attendance systems should be:

  • flexible
  • reliable
  • easy-to-use
  • result in increased productivity
  • create a fair and unbiased work environment
  • reward positive attendance behavior, and
  • be able to have various data capturing alternatives

The ability to make better management decisions based upon reports and the information gathered in the attendance software can result in better HR allocation, and more effective and efficient personnel deployment.
The new breed of time and attendance software and solutions are either web- based or server based. The decision with regard to which system would work best for your company is dependent upon several factors. But the bottom line is that developing a new system that complements the way your business operates typically will result in reducing time accounting processing time by at least 3%.